What's Behind This Popular Copium Twitch Emote?

In its most basic sense, Copium is a metaphorical opiate that gamers inhale when facing failure, defeat, or loss. Despite its nonstandard nature, the emote has grown in popularity on websites such as Twitch and Reddit. However, its history is far from straightforward. To better understand its rise and fall, let's explore the word's history. .

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Copium - Metaphorically Liberating

Copium is a fictional opiate, similar to morphine, that is used as a "coping mechanism" in games and other situations. It became an emote popular in Twitch chat in 2018 and has spread across the internet. According to the Urban Dictionary, Copium is a "metaphorical opiate inhaled when faced with loss, failure or defeat." It has been used in tribal settings and in sports, but it has been popularized in political contexts since 2016, when it was widely shared by meme-makers during the US presidential election.

It is a non-standard emote

First used in 2003, Copium has come to mean many things. Originally, it was an acronym that stood for "copium," but it quickly gained popularity when right-leaning users took to Reddit and Twitch. As the 2016 presidential election neared, the Copium emote became a major political topic. It also crossed the political divide from the left to the right, with some emoters altering their emotes to show Pepe the frog wearing a 'Make America Great Again' cap.

It is popular on Twitch, Reddit and YouTube

If you have been following the eSports scene on Twitch, Reddit, or YouTube for any length of time, you've likely come across the term Copium. Its origins are obscure, but the term gained traction during the 2016 US Presidential Election when users of the right-leaning site r/the meltdown used it heavily in memes. The word is also popular in the world of politics, especially when it's being used by people who support Donald Trump.

It is a meme

The Copium Twitch emote is a meme that started before the election. It originated on the 4chan forum before right-leaning Reddit users started to use it heavily on Twitch. It was the political year of 2016, and the meme was widely spread during the last US presidential election. During the election, Pepe the frog was seen smoking "copium" and wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap.

It is spam

There is a new word on Twitch called Copium, and it's used by people to spam comment sections. It started as a meme involving Pepe the frog in a "make America great again" hat. It was popularized by the Twitter account r/the meltdown, which was made to mock left-leaning internet users for supporting Donald Trump in the election. Now, this meme is being used on Twitch stream chats and in Reddit comment sections.

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